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There you are - Illustration Process

·417 words·2 mins
I’m very happy with the newest piece of art I put out, titled “There You Are”. It started with an idea of the subject looking at the city skylines from a balcony like place, where she looks over her shoulder to see her love interest calling her name. Sketch # I usually have a bad habit of not using references, but at least this time around I did. I searched up “Girl looking over shoulder” and tried to draw what I observed from the photo thumbnails.


Zuruith Yuhannek's Lore (New D&D OC)

·657 words·4 mins
For Zuruith, most of today seems just like any other day. Accompanying Jelvar’s crew as a protector of merchant goods, it is now routine for her to travel back and forth to the neighboring city. Jelvar has been an essential right-hand man of her father’s textile business for centuries; he is a wise advisor, a trusted transporter, and an earnest friend. But to Jelvar, Zuruith is nothing more than a pest.


Painting Progress and Conundrums

·158 words·1 min
Taking a four month or so break has depleted a lot of my knowledge and muscle memory that now I am forced to slow down and watch the piece like a hawk. Midway through my coloring, I had to delete half of my progress to fix some silly mistakes. I wonder if I am rushing too much into producing a completed piece instead of spending more time on anatomy, and basic shadows.