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Zuruith Yuhannek's Lore (New D&D OC)

·657 words·4 mins
For Zuruith, most of today seems just like any other day. Accompanying Jelvar’s crew as a protector of merchant goods, it is now routine for her to travel back and forth to the neighboring city. Jelvar has been an essential right-hand man of her father’s textile business for centuries; he is a wise advisor, a trusted transporter, and an earnest friend. But to Jelvar, Zuruith is nothing more than a pest.


Ike Silkfield's Lore

·169 words·1 min
Ike first met her patron in a dream. She finds herself suspended in the depths of an ocean; there is not a hint of sunlight nor a sign of life. She lifts her body upright to observe her surroundings, and is drawn in by a resonating, booming noise from a nearby cave. Two giant eyes: each eye five times greater than her body, open to greet her. Both eyes illuminate a dark tangerine hue.

D&D Mystery Encounter: Part 2

·218 words·2 mins
As we are pre-occupied in the battle with the dragon trying to crush my friend Bjorn’s skull, a figure appears and charges into the battle, thrusting a blow into the dragon’s wings. I feel a chill rush down my spine. Although not exactly the same, I recognize this figure. It is him: the monster from before. It had been many weeks since we have left the sunless citadel; it was at this wretched place we’ve encountered him.

D&D Mystery Encounter

·308 words·2 mins
My character: Ike Silkfield (Warlock) Partner: Bjorn (Dwarf) As we were chased down by one too many goblins, we run into a silhouette we can’t quite make out. Bjorn runs past me, and he catches a glimpse of this shadowy figure. He grins with a mouth containing far too many teeth, the fingers on his right hand end in claws, his left arm is a human arm and a claw which forks at the elbow, and then his right leg is a mixture of claw and tentacle which forks at the knee.