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Ring Fit Adventure Progress and Thoughts

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When most people make new year’s resolution to get more fit, they tend to fail about the first few months in. I recognize the trend, and I thought I was being smart by not making any resolutions at all. I thought that if I’m going to fail anyway, I might as well not lie to myself and pour a ton of money into the abyss, right? With that logic, I’ve more or less spent many years ignoring fitness, giving up before I ever started.

Now that I’ve stopped taking mandatory 20 minute uphill and downhill walks on campus, I’ve turned to Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure to keep myself moving at home. I basically practice a very unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, so the first few days got me sore even though I was on an easy difficulty. I started slow, and I play the game for about only 10 minutes a day (in terms of workout time). I’ve had a positive sentiment, which I share with this video made by yakkocmn. His review more or less includes everything I love about the game and it’s a fun video to watch, so I highly recommend that you watch it if you are interested in Ring Fit Adventure and won’t mind a few spoilers :)

Currently, I’m a little bit over 50 days in of playing (and over 10+ hours of exercise), and I am not slowing down anytime soon. I’m not aiming to lose weight, nor be a better runner, but I genuinely find the game fun. I still have flabby arms, but I feel good about myself. If I have any physical changes and improvements down the line, it will be a good side effect from the game I play for enjoyment.

I’ve slowly ramped up the difficulty compared to the beginning (From 6 to 15) and behold, I’ve finally reached a new milestone: Level 111!

In the end, I’m not really a fitness person. But I’m a gamer, and Nintendo sure as hell know what they’re doing and what market they’re going for, and they’ve got me good. And there’s nothing better than my favorite NPC, Tipp, telling me I did a good job at the end of the day.

I’ll keep coming back for more. See you soon, Tipp!