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How I got myself to fully commit to Ring Fit Adventure

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It’s been about a month since my last Ring Fit Adventure post! But yes, I am still wading through the levels at a steady pace, occasionally backtracking to finish my side quests. From the last time I posted, some of you showed some interest in trying out Ring Fit for real. This one is for you! I want to talk about how I got started in Ring Fit and how I kept going.

Gaming Aspect #

Personally, if Ring Fit wasn’t a game, my consideration to incorporate fitness into my life still might not have been a thing. For me, Ring Fit is one of the many games I can instantly fall in love with. I am someone who’s always loved turn based RPGs. The quirky story, the scenic jogging, exercise moves that double down as attacks, and the battle music always gets me pumped up! I always absorb the scene whenever I’m running, and the amount of detail that the devs have stuffed in every frame never fails to amuse me. It’s just like one of those animes that can make any screenshot look like a desktop wallpaper. It’s just that good.

Wrapping up, I want to share my absolute favorite OST from the game below, feel free to listen if you don’t mind some spoilers!

Easy Entry #

I’ve seen a handful amount of YouTube videos that make this game seem like quite the monster. Thirty squats to finish off a level one goblin? Gosh.

Fortunately, Ring Fit in fact does a custom intensity scale. Ranging from numbers 1 to 30, you are in charge of deciding how many reps you have to do to execute your attack. This difficulty of exercise intensity is fully controlled by you, and is independent of the difficulty of the game. I began with level 6, which was giving me 4-10 reps to complete an attack. Being able to start out on a realistic, non-daunting level definitely got the ball rolling for me. From there, I’ve slowly raised it to 8, 10, then a jump to 15, which now has around 10-20 reps to complete an attack depending on the pose (except Yoga poses). It’s gotten a lot more intense for me, and I let my complainer personality out quite often there, but it goes to show how far I’ve come.

You can take an initial quiz and the game will adjust that difficulty for you. If you don’t like it, you are free to change that difficulty any time you want as long as you are not in the middle of the course :)

Redirecting my Energy #

Nowadays, Because I am stuck at home in the middle of the global pandemic, my normal movement of walking up and down the hill on the campus, or shopping and walking around the neighborhood has ceased to be. That gave me a chance to redirect all the effort I’ve been putting in to a slightly more intense and purposeful workout. Because I can decide that I want to work out for when and how long, I only push myself to do slightly more than the point I can withstand. That’s why I am able to maintain the hobby consistently by giving myself the right amount of challenge as I grow with the game.

Bonus: FAQ/Concerns #

  • Q: I’m concerned that I will make a lot of noise jogging.
  • A: Ring Fit has a silent mode, where you have to bounce your body to jog instead of actually jogging.
  • Q: Are there any accessibility options?
  • A: As per Ring Fit’s philosophy, you should only work out at the range of your own ability. If you need help, the game has an assist mode that you can activate for different parts of the body. For example, as a contrast to the silent mode which requires bouncing your legs, the knee assist would permit you to not jog at all.

Below is a video by VIVY Has A Dream Channel showing how assist mode is used.

  • Q: Is there a multiplayer mode?
  • A: There isn’t simultaneous multiplayer, but my sister and I take turns playing, and we can compare stats locally.
  • Q: Does the game get boring for you?
  • A: I would say that is subjective! I personally play a lot of grindy RPGs, like Pokemon, Maplestory, and Battle Chasers: Night War. If you fancy those types of games, I’d say you are set.