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9-5 Experience, Mundane and Repetitive Grind

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I finally got a 9-5 job. Hey again my dudes, my current job consists of teaching a little bit of coding to Kindergarteners that are incoming first graders. I’m playing less league, and in general, I’ve just been more exhausted whenever I come home from work. My game review stuff will be on hold until further notice. Sorry! Most of these 10 weeks just seems like a grind, just like the days where I spent being home, I’ve been doing the same things every day that I’m losing count of the days.

Covid-19 Vaccine, New Journal, and Blog Plans for the Summer

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Vaccine Side Effects? # As of last Thursday, I received my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. I basically couldn’t raise up my arm for 3 days, and have been taking Advil to ease some of the pain. I honestly regret not taking it from the first night since I woke up multiple times while I was tossing and turning. However, I also ended up getting fever blisters on my lips without actually getting a fever, so I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence, or it is something that people have just a tiny chance of getting.


2000 squats, 100 days, 50 miles, 24 hours later...

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Hello again folks. Well, I’m drawing pretty damn close to the finale of the game! I’ve grown a neat little collection of titles, levels, power-ups, and everything in between. From formerly sedentary to fit superhero, I’ve been trying my best to fill in the shoes of Ring Fit Adventure’s Protagonist, who is more or less nonchalant about this whole endeavor, and apparently, have nothing better to do with their life then running around with a magical ring, chasing an evil dragon.

How I got myself to fully commit to Ring Fit Adventure

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It’s been about a month since my last Ring Fit Adventure post! But yes, I am still wading through the levels at a steady pace, occasionally backtracking to finish my side quests. From the last time I posted, some of you showed some interest in trying out Ring Fit for real. This one is for you! I want to talk about how I got started in Ring Fit and how I kept going.

Ring Fit Adventure Progress and Thoughts

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When most people make new year’s resolution to get more fit, they tend to fail about the first few months in. I recognize the trend, and I thought I was being smart by not making any resolutions at all. I thought that if I’m going to fail anyway, I might as well not lie to myself and pour a ton of money into the abyss, right? With that logic, I’ve more or less spent many years ignoring fitness, giving up before I ever started.

Finished my first Korean textbook!

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As finals came around, I took a one month break from learning Korean and blogging about my progress, but I finally finished the first out of the 7 books I bought of the “Talk to Me in Korean” series. I’m glad I still got the groove going and I haven’t just ejected everything from my mind like I do for basically all other academic subjects. So, that’s good at least.