2000 squats, 100 days, 50 miles, 24 hours later...

Oct 16, 2020 • edited May 17, 2021

Hello again folks. Well, I’m drawing pretty damn close to the finale of the game! I’ve grown a neat little collection of titles, levels, power-ups, and everything in between. From formerly sedentary to fit superhero, I’ve been trying my best to fill in the shoes of Ring Fit Adventure’s Protagonist, who is more or less nonchalant about this whole endeavor, and apparently, have nothing better to do with their life then running around with a magical ring, chasing an evil dragon. Because that’s what heroes do. Cue weeb trailer.

An 100-day Adventure! A Couch Potato No Longer.

With that said, I’ve come a long way. It doesn’t feel that long ago where I was deeply resenting PE classes back in middle school. You know that one kid who’s always dead last when two opposing “team captains” would pick members for their team? That kid was me. There would be me and one other person left, and I can see the second captain’s look squirming and hoping I’m not forced to be on their team, praying under their breath that the first captain chooses me. And of course, they don’t. And perhaps it was at that time I’ve decided that physical fitness was not for me, intently focusing on wanting to be smarter than these elitist athletic kids that crushed my ego then and there, and I arrogantly thought that superior intellect will be my quality. But now I’m glad that I’ve grown up, and be able to let that sentiment go. When not comparing myself to others, I can pursue what makes me happy. And Ring Fit is a feel good thing. 2000 squats is 2000 more than the past me thought I’d do in my entire life now. I’m sure past me will be proud, and if not, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Training Together

My sister has also been keeping up with ring fit almost as much as I have. As this overly popular quote from Woody Allen says: just showing up is half the battle. It’s relatively convenient if one of us plays first, and all the cons set up for the other. She has been focusing more towards completing the adventure mode before backtracking to complete the side quests, while I’ve opted to do side quests before reaching the final world.

So… any criticism on Ring Fit at all?

Yes. As satisfying as the main story mode may be, some of the “acquire perfect score” minigame missions really do tilt me because I’m trying to get 100% completion in as many worlds as I can. One of the biggest offenders is this “Smack Back” minigame, which you have to hold the ring con which acts as a giant fan, and basically smack the frisbees the robots throw at you. As simple as that may sound, the ring con’s position detection is quite weak in this mode, and it would constantly reset to the center even if I did not swing back, basically throwing me off. And sometimes, it would actually make a random extra swing for no reason.

(Video from Jie Zhang’s Youtube Channel showing what smack back looks like)

I had to spam the retry button for more than 15 minutes to acquire a perfect score! And I really do wish this mini-game is not buggy. Overall, it does feel decent to play aside from one or two blunders which makes a perfect score difficult to get. But if I am just playing on the normal mode instead of mission mode, this is one of my preferred minigames.

Bonus! What on earth is this?

This is a minigame called “Squattery Wheel” in Ring Fit, where the player has to squeeze a bunch of clay to make a pot that matches the given pot. The player presses on the Ring Con to mold the clay, and squat up and down to change the molder’s location, which is pretty fun. This one is one of the more difficult pots I managed to get an S rank on. Nintendo is fairly stingy about this one, as getting a 97 still does not make the cutoff for this pot….

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