Finished my first Korean textbook!

Jul 29, 2020 • edited May 17, 2021

As finals came around, I took a one month break from learning Korean and blogging about my progress, but I finally finished the first out of the 7 books I bought of the “Talk to Me in Korean” series. I’m glad I still got the groove going and I haven’t just ejected everything from my mind like I do for basically all other academic subjects. So, that’s good at least.

Currently, I’m still on the “remember” stage of Bloom’s Taxonomy, pointing out things I’ve learned in videos and music. I flipped through a few lessons of the second book, but it already seems quite intimidating. I constantly think of how on earth I digested anything grammar related back when I was a kid. I’m quite grateful I have much less complaints then compared to now.

Many articles and forums posts have been throwing around how learning a new language is the quarantine hobby, but having extra time is not the same as being suddenly blessed with the resolve to see things through. In reality, I’ve been trying to learn bits and pieces of Korean since late 2018, but go on and off because classes and summer part times use up my limited reserve of mental energy, even if I had the time, I couldn’t.

Jumping back to July 2020. I have something to show for, but I am still a beginner. It’s still difficult to form complete thoughts, and remember things. I am not proud of my slow progress, but I am happy that I just keep swimming. The one great thing about self studying is that I have no deadline. That means I’ll be quite glad to maintain this hobby for years to come.

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