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Bloom's Taxonomy Exercise

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As I’ve been learning how to learn in my Natural Science Education (NSED) course, I wanted to relate this Bloom’s Taxonomy exercise to my Korean learning.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a framework to categorize educational goals. I’ve taken these top level categories, and created my own subcategories to identify how I can approach my goal.

  • Remember
    • recognizing learned words from a Korean video or song
    • be able to read learned words and recall them
  • Understand
    • know the meaning of the words I’ve learned
    • compare words and classify them into general groups
  • Apply
    • use learned phrases to create new phrases
    • combine different phrases to create a sentence
  • Analyze
    • recognize grammar patterns and break them down into nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, miscellaneous particles
    • distinguish grammar and spelling exceptions, and store separate rules for them
  • Evaluate
    • prioritize what information will be learned and kept
    • judge the effectiveness of sentences and how they are conveyed
  • Create
    • build novel sentences to complete fully formed thoughts
    • language becomes fully under control, can communicate freely