Ike Silkfield's Lore

Apr 26, 2020 • edited Jul 24, 2020

Ike first met her patron in a dream.

She finds herself suspended in the depths of an ocean; there is not a hint of sunlight nor a sign of life.

She lifts her body upright to observe her surroundings, and is drawn in by a resonating, booming noise from a nearby cave. Two giant eyes: each eye five times greater than her body, open to greet her. Both eyes illuminate a dark tangerine hue.

Their eyes meet.

Suddenly, she seems to no longer be able to breathe. An abundant mass of water gushes into her nose and mouth; she drowns.

Finally awoken from her dream, she fiercely sits up on her bed. Her entire body is drenched in sweat; she’s unable to draw a proper breath. It is as if she had perished in a gruesome manner, but miraculously returned to life. As the days went on, she begins to discover a tinge of energy imbued in the core of her body.

It is her first taste of power.


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