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Atomic Habits: What Helped Me The Most

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So.. it’s been like two years. #

I started reading Atomic Habits some time in 2021, but I never really remembered when I ended up finishing it the first time around. I was chasing that self-help high, just being proud of getting some reading done. By today I’ve read the book for the 4th time, so I reckon it’s time to note down what helped me the most.

1. Shaping Identity #

Identity comes before doing. Confidently declare it.

For example, I used to find it hard to call myself a reader, when I was barely able to go through less than five pages of any book per month. Turns out I’ve had it backwards. Thinking of myself as a reader first and foremost have helped me get around to getting through 10-20 pages on any reading day, which in turn has built into a pretty solid habit. Sometimes, I’ll even read a page or two without giving myself a hard commitment.

2. Environment Design #

Removing as much friction as possible between me and my desired habit, as well as adding friction between my unwanted ones has been the way to go as well. I’ve got my journal and books always within an arm’s reach, so when the reading or writing or drawing itch comes in, I’m always ready for it. Also, I’ve been drawing more in my sketchbook instead of digitally, doing studies and copying from art books, instead of drawing purely from imagination, which is why my Instagram is on hiatus. I’ll be back at some point…

At the same time, I’ve also hidden the Youtube app from my phone screen, to prevent doomscrolling on my phone. I allow for some scrolling time on the PC, but not on my phone in bed right before sleep. And after the API changes, my reddit Slide app stopped working, so I’ve stopped scrolling Reddit on my phone as well completely.

3. Focus on Quantity > Quality #

This one certainly threw me for a loop. As a pseudo perfectionist, I was never a fan of producing what is trash work. I ended up really liking the story of how student photographers who were graded based on number of photos ended up producing better photos than students who were graded based on a single photo. I suppose whether it be art or gaming or sport, the amount of time spent equates to most progress shown. Instead of hypothesizing about the perfect day, it’s more important to put in a lot of days.

Hope this helped you too! #

I’ve read my fair share of self-help books where some are pretty good which I’m fond of (like this one), and then some complete bs ones. It’s one of the few I’d actually recommend :D And to my homies that live close, if you ever want to borrow the book from me, DM me on discord~ Until next time!