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Finished my first Korean textbook!

·285 words·2 mins
As finals came around, I took a one month break from learning Korean and blogging about my progress, but I finally finished the first out of the 7 books I bought of the “Talk to Me in Korean” series. I’m glad I still got the groove going and I haven’t just ejected everything from my mind like I do for basically all other academic subjects. So, that’s good at least.

Bloom's Taxonomy Exercise

·167 words·1 min

As I’ve been learning how to learn in my Natural Science Education (NSED) course, I wanted to relate this Bloom’s Taxonomy exercise to my Korean learning.

Ike Silkfield's Lore

·169 words·1 min
Ike first met her patron in a dream. She finds herself suspended in the depths of an ocean; there is not a hint of sunlight nor a sign of life. She lifts her body upright to observe her surroundings, and is drawn in by a resonating, booming noise from a nearby cave. Two giant eyes: each eye five times greater than her body, open to greet her. Both eyes illuminate a dark tangerine hue.

D&D Mystery Encounter: Part 2

·218 words·2 mins
As we are pre-occupied in the battle with the dragon trying to crush my friend Bjorn’s skull, a figure appears and charges into the battle, thrusting a blow into the dragon’s wings. I feel a chill rush down my spine. Although not exactly the same, I recognize this figure. It is him: the monster from before. It had been many weeks since we have left the sunless citadel; it was at this wretched place we’ve encountered him.

Painting Progress and Conundrums

·158 words·1 min
Taking a four month or so break has depleted a lot of my knowledge and muscle memory that now I am forced to slow down and watch the piece like a hawk. Midway through my coloring, I had to delete half of my progress to fix some silly mistakes. I wonder if I am rushing too much into producing a completed piece instead of spending more time on anatomy, and basic shadows.

D&D Mystery Encounter

·308 words·2 mins
My character: Ike Silkfield (Warlock) Partner: Bjorn (Dwarf) As we were chased down by one too many goblins, we run into a silhouette we can’t quite make out. Bjorn runs past me, and he catches a glimpse of this shadowy figure. He grins with a mouth containing far too many teeth, the fingers on his right hand end in claws, his left arm is a human arm and a claw which forks at the elbow, and then his right leg is a mixture of claw and tentacle which forks at the knee.