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D&D Mystery Encounter

·308 words·2 mins

My character: Ike Silkfield (Warlock)

Partner: Bjorn (Dwarf)

As we were chased down by one too many goblins, we run into a silhouette we can’t quite make out. Bjorn runs past me, and he catches a glimpse of this shadowy figure. He grins with a mouth containing far too many teeth, the fingers on his right hand end in claws, his left arm is a human arm and a claw which forks at the elbow, and then his right leg is a mixture of claw and tentacle which forks at the knee.

It seems it may have been human at one point.

As we try to get a good look, we become surrounded by Goblins. We back off into a room and take formation to keep ourselves safe, as Bjorn and the Goblins trade blows in melee. I can feel a creeping sense of unease about this figure, the eerie feeling wouldn’t go away. I put my best effort to focus on the battle at hand.

It was quickly over, as we block the last goblin’s escape path, Bjorn dealing the finishing blow. The figure walks over to us, grinning, as he seems fascinated with the corpses of the goblins torn up by my Eldritch blast.

Fight me.

Bjorn gives it no second thought, and he begins to hack away at his body, but it barely pierces his skin. After a few more rounds, it seems like he’s immune to physical damage, and his wounds are constantly healing.

As we stand there attacking him, he seems quite undaunted. His wounds close a little bit quicker each round, with an implication that he is slowly becoming immune to the damage type that we supply to him. As we stop, he grins and beckons to me.

She can still hurt me.

“What if I don’t?” I respond.

I’ll make you.