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D&D Mystery Encounter: Part 2

·218 words·2 mins

As we are pre-occupied in the battle with the dragon trying to crush my friend Bjorn’s skull, a figure appears and charges into the battle, thrusting a blow into the dragon’s wings. I feel a chill rush down my spine. Although not exactly the same, I recognize this figure. It is him: the monster from before.

It had been many weeks since we have left the sunless citadel; it was at this wretched place we’ve encountered him. His gruesome stench and his deformed appearance makes it no doubt that there is no other creature like him. His arms and legs have grown back from the point my Eldritch Blast had torn them apart, as well as his head I had dismembered. His new head is no longer human-like but a lot more gruesome: a lizard’s face crossed with a type of insect I can’t quite identify. His posture has become more hunched as he becomes less and less human. Several eyeballs cover his entire body. I feel the urge to throw up, but I can’t quite do it. My chest tightens. I can’t lose control; not right now.

He’s helping us? I doubt it. It might just seem to line up with his goals, which it probably does.

“Why are you here?”, I yelled.


“For what?”