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Covid-19 Vaccine, New Journal, and Blog Plans for the Summer

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Vaccine Side Effects? #

As of last Thursday, I received my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. I basically couldn’t raise up my arm for 3 days, and have been taking Advil to ease some of the pain. I honestly regret not taking it from the first night since I woke up multiple times while I was tossing and turning. However, I also ended up getting fever blisters on my lips without actually getting a fever, so I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence, or it is something that people have just a tiny chance of getting. I looked it up on Google and didn’t really find anything related to fever blisters or dry lips from anybody else, so if you got that, better let me know so I don’t feel like a complete lunatic. At least my lip balm has been coming in super handy over easing the dryness, and making it a lot more bearable.

Mask On/Off? #

Continuing to wear my mask or not after the vaccine is something I have been on the fence about. CDC has loosened guidelines; on one hand, I already got the vaccine, and I feel that I shouldn’t be super paranoid if I trust that the vaccine works, but on the other hand, being a responsible citizen and taking precaution against chances of spreading the virus should be considered a good thing, even if I don’t like masks. I personally find masks uncomfortable and would like to go without as soon as possible… but bottom line, I don’t mind keeping them on a little longer. I’ve already done it for a year so I can keep going.

New Journal #

I made this impulse buy on Amazon after finding a really cute colored traveler’s notebook that goes for $10. It is half the size of a regular A5 bullet journal. Although the creator of the Bullet Journal, Ryder Carroll, says that the bullet journal is a one stop notebook for everything, I ended up not liking the idea of keeping important and unimportant stuff together. Frankly, I will really never care to read a bunch of errands after I’m done with them, and I’d prefer to discard them after it is no longer relevant, rather than keep it in my journal with the other things I value a lot more: daily highlights, long form journaling reflections, drawings, notes, and collections of lists. This is where the traveler’s notebook comes in:

Since the traveler’s notebook is just multiple budget notebooks put together with a rubber band, I won’t feel particularly bad discarding its contents after I am done with them. Or at least to keep the content seperate from my collections. I have been bullet journaling since mid 2018, and I’m not really thrilled to have to maintain both a bullet journal and a traveler’s notebook, but in the end, I find the split to be a compromise that I need.

Blog Plans for the Summer #

I have made some plans, but plans are not promises my friends. At least my current plan is to write about a little bit of each game that I’ve played recently, covering games like Akash: Path of the Five, Battle Chasers Nightwar and Northgard. Also, for my previous shitpost regarding Akash: the devs of the game, Truant Pixel, saw my post and responded! I thought that was really awesome, and I appreciate that the devs found it at least somewhat funny.

So yeah, summer is beginning and I’ll definitely get started on those! That’s all for now and I shall see you on the next post!