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kate writes things when she feels like


Painting Progress and Conundrums

·158 words·1 min
Taking a four month or so break has depleted a lot of my knowledge and muscle memory that now I am forced to slow down and watch the piece like a hawk. Midway through my coloring, I had to delete half of my progress to fix some silly mistakes. I wonder if I am rushing too much into producing a completed piece instead of spending more time on anatomy, and basic shadows.

D&D Mystery Encounter

·308 words·2 mins
My character: Ike Silkfield (Warlock) Partner: Bjorn (Dwarf) As we were chased down by one too many goblins, we run into a silhouette we can’t quite make out. Bjorn runs past me, and he catches a glimpse of this shadowy figure. He grins with a mouth containing far too many teeth, the fingers on his right hand end in claws, his left arm is a human arm and a claw which forks at the elbow, and then his right leg is a mixture of claw and tentacle which forks at the knee.